Modularity Specialists

Pnambic Computing specializes in remodularizing systems to improve development speed and deployment scalability.

Pnambic Computing brings specialized tools, processes, and insights that improve the outcomes for remodularization work.

Pnambic Computing

  • Software Tools

    Good tools encourage good modularity. Best practices, coupled with on-going improvement to the engineering team's tool-set, is a powerful means to accelerate development.

  • Eclipse Development

    A custom Eclipse Plug-in can leverage existing experience and improve team productivity. Integrated queries with corporate databases or improved template and Maven integration are all feasible with Eclipse.

  • Enabling Implementations

    Increased modularity often requires new or improved extension schemas or build processes. These changes are typically very low in the technology stack and require extra care for successful implementation.


  • Component Analysis

    All too often, team attempting systemic changes based on 30% of the code base. This can be a recipe for problems. A good inventory of system components is a key element of a principled restructuring process. An effective inventory need to include the frontier elements.

  • Maven Development

    Maven offers an excellent model for library builds, but it can be difficult to scale for large system builds. Pnambic Computing can build custom Maven plugin as necessary, and help unravel complete build processes.

  • Modularity Guidance

    Once the plan and infrastructure is in place, teams adapt to the new frameworks incrementally. Clearly encapsulated elements adapt easily. Teams with components that need further decomposed often require guidance to determine boundaries and integration strategies