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Pnambic Computing specializes in remodularizing systems to improve development speed and deployment scalability.  Pnambic Computing brings specialized tools, processes, and insights that improve the outcomes for remodularization work.


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Lee Carver

Lee Carver is a leading authority on software restructuring. A specialist in remodularizing large systems, Mr. Carver has over 30 years of experience in the software engineering industry.

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Pnambic Computing is about solutions, not technology. Computer users want to solve their problems, not worry about how the technology works. Our skills allow us to harness incredibly complex technologies, but that doesn’t matter if the result is not a solution. And sometimes a manual process gives a better result then one based on complex technology.

Although the original definition carried derogatory implications, a simple solution with impressive results is the right solution in many situations. The one caveat – a significant deviation from the original definition – is that the solution must actually solve the relevant problem. Just don’t worry about how it works. It’s pnambic.

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